How to host a cheap Oscar party that's as good as gold

The Gifted Ones
The Gifted Ones

If you are thinking of using good taste to host your indie-budget Oscar party on Sunday, think not. We're celebrating Hollywood, remember? Go kitschy. Go overboard. Do the themes. Dress up in a tux or your tackiest bridesmaid dress.

With a little planning, your production doesn't have to rack up cost overruns like a rogue director. Christopher Dauphinee, manager of The Gifted Ones, an online outlet of all-occasion presents, suggests one rule to follow: "Make sure everybody's fed, everybody's quiet and make sure ballots are filled out beforehand," Dauphinee told WalletPop.

That isn't to say the red carpet arrivals are a mere precursor. It just means that they lend themselves more to distraction. You only need to see the parade of gowns while providing your own catty comments. And it's a good time to push guests to fill in their Oscar pool, which you can print for free from Keep the main event to light munchies and drinks.