FarmVille French Chateau decorations arrive - oh la la!

FarmVille released a new limited edition set of French Chateau themed decorations on 03.02.10. The French Chateau decorations can be purchased in the FarmVille Market for a limited amount of time. Some require farm cash to purchase, while others can be purchased with coins.

French Chateau Decorations – Farm Cash only

- Forest (Cluster of 5 trees) -10 FV$ (available for 28 days)
- Lavender Knoll – 4 FV$ (available for 7 days)

FarmVille Forest

FarmVille Lavender Knoll

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French Chateau Decorations – Coins:
    - Provencal Pot – 2,200 coins (available for 28 days) - Tall Hedge – 1,000 coins (available for 28 days) - Provencal Fence – 700 coins (available for 28 days)

FarmVille Provencal Pot

FarmVille Tall Hedge

FarmVille Provencal Fence

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