We're Sweet on This: A Gummi Bear Chandelier

Gummi bear chandelierYour friends claim you're the sweetest person ever, sure to light up a room. Now prove it. A show-stopping chandelier made of gummi bears demonstrates both sentiments.

Or should we say "candielier"?

We'll show you where to buy one of these unique fixtures, or, if you're feeling adventurous, build your own...
Jellio.com is the home to many unique 80's-inspired home fixtures. Remember the ViewMaster? Or those colorful and addictive button candies?

This gummi bear "chandelier" is a custom design - at a custom price - made of acrylic 1" gummi bears, powder-coated aluminum plate, and light. The company says they are making only ten of these vibrant eye candy pieces. (But you can always go for the smaller version.)

If you're a dedicated do-it-yourself-er, or, just need an excuse to buy 5,000 gummi bears, here's what you could do instead.

First - buy a miniature mountain of bulk gummi bears (sold on Amazon in 20 pound increments).

Next, find a second hand light fixture, or, construct one that uses fishing wire and a suspended light bulb. Consider a glass fixture around a compact fluorescent bulb to minimize the amount of heat.

Using fishing line and heaps of patience, needle and thread your bears. Using a long needle thread the bears from the top of the head, out through the other end and knot the fishing line at the bear "butt". Anticipate spending a lot of time doing this.

To protect your gummi bears from general yuckiness due to heat exposure, you'll need to dip them in shellac or spray them with varnish after you attach them to the fishing wire. Needless to say, this will make your gummi bears inedible so reserve your snacking pile beforehand.

String your bears from the top of your fixture, plug in, and enjoy the smug satisfaction of owning your own gummi chandelier. Don't leave the light on for too long to preserve the bears.

Just be warned: Jellio says the process takes up to two months for each of their gummi chandeliers... you might eat up even more of your time doing the same.

This seemed as good a time as any to throw in a gratuitous nod towards the kid-pleasing Gummy Bear Song.
Warning: We won't be responsible for the weird ticks it may give you or the fact it gets lodged in your head for days on end.

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