Top 25 Facebook games for February 2010

ISG has rolled out the Top 25 Facebook games list for the month of February. FarmVille is still leading the pack -- no surprise there -- with 83 million monthly players, and Cafe World is still the second most popular game on Facebook, with Zynga's Texas HoldEm Poker in a close third.

top 25 facebook games february 2010
Happy Aquarium and FishVille seem to be having a hard time staying afloat, both losing players over the past month, and PetVille finally manages to overtake Pet Society as the #1 pet simulation game on Facebook.

While we can analyze this list of top games to death, we also like to use it as a way to recommend new games to try, you know, if you're tired of tending crops or taking care of virtual pets. Three must-plays this month? Zoo World, Happy Island and Hero World.

- Zoo World (#8) from RockYou! is a zoo simulation game that puts you in charge of collecting animals, hiring staff, buying kiosks and keeping zoo customers happy. It's doesn't have the slickest graphics (especially compared to the rest in the top 10), but it's definitely bringing something new to the social gaming space.

- Happy Island (#14) from Crowdstar is a resort simulation game, where you attract more tourists by building hotels, fruit stands, luaus, which bring in more money to build more attractions... more tourists... and the cycle continues. Just think of this as a virtual island getaway you can visit from the comfort of your living room [Cue tropical music].

- Hero World (#20), also from RockYou!, is a superhero-themed game that plays a little like Mafia Wars, but also has some interesting social elements, like teaming up with friends to take on supervillians. You can also challenge other players to a battle (in-real-time) and see who's really earned the right to wear those tights.
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