Not to butter up Aunt Jemima, but is Eggo's dominance toast?

waffles Eggo
waffles Eggo

While a Kansas City Star journalist taught "Eggo-nomics" to high schoolers, using the months-long Eggo frozen waffle shortage to explain supply and demand, WalletPop recently learned another lesson about capitalism: Look out for Aunt Jemima. Its toaster waffles could stand to gain the most as Eggo's presence shrinks.

If Eggo doesn't fix its production woes soon, will we gladly leggo our Eggo -- and embrace the competition?

"Stock-outs are death for goods that are low-involvement types of goods because people will readily switch brands," Donald Lichtenstein, a marketing professor at the University of Colorado, told WalletPop. "Frozen waffles are convenience goods that, while they have some degree of brand loyalty, if they're not available, consumers will switch."