YoVille's free Old World Globes are still missing...


Yoville have been asked many questions by those who have yet to receive their free Old World Globe, but would like theirs. For those who don't know, Zynga is trying to post them to every profile on YoVille who have signed up their emails, but this could take a while to do, so they're asking for patience from its players.

Over 2 million profiles have signed up their emails to Zynga and would like to receive their free globe. Zynga have been closing peoples threads who are petitioning for one. If you keep begging, you are not going to get one, so just be calm about it as they will just e-mail you once they've sent the item to you!

If you have not signed up with your email yet, do it sometime as it is worth it for a free globe which is only for people who signed their email up.

This news is credited toYoVille Lounge.