Chinese game devs eyeing Facebook, Facebook eyeing rest of Asia


Even though Facebook is blocked by The Great Firewall of China, many of the country's social game developers are looking at the social network as a way to extend their reach into the West, according to a recent post on Inside Facebook. Companies like 6waves (Give Hearts), Five Minutes (Happy Farm), Rekoo (Animal Paradise) an ELEX (Happy Harvest) are already attracting millions of monthly users on Facebook, and some of the biggest players in the Chinese social gaming market -- including Shanda, Changyou and NetEase -- are reportedly gearing up for a serious push onto Facebook in 2010. The transfer works both ways, as some unnamed Facebook developers are reportedly looking to establish themselves in China as well.

Meanwhile, Facebook itself has been making a big splash throughout the rest of Asia, according to the Inside Facebook report. In Indonesia, Facebook is apparently becoming nearly ubiquitous on the country's millions of cell phones, while Taiwan has seen 900% growth in use of the service in just six months. The service is so popular in Taiwan, in fact, that restaurants there are reportedly offering coupons for Facebook currency along with meals (pictured, right). And you thought Farmville was big in the U.S.

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