Your March WalletPop monthly planner

WalletPop's March PlannerWelcome to March, that Oscar-awarding, time-changing, tax-preparing, vacation-planning, basketball-madness-watching month. May the seasonal winds blow away your debts and bring you a clean balance sheet.

To help you make the transition from short-but-feisty February, we've compiled a March planner. Enjoy.

Shop Smart: March is a great time to buy:
  • Spring clothing
  • Sporting equipment
  • Gardening supplies
  • Luggage and other travel items
  • Frozen foods
  • Boats
  • Coats and outerwear
Save some money:
Do your home chores:
  • Clean dryer vents.
  • Replace smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries.
  • Prep your garden.
  • Fertilize the lawn.
  • Clean salt off your car.
  • Schedule an air-conditioner checkup.
  • Solicit bids for house projects such as painting, asphalt or siding.
Enjoy seasonal foods:
Think education
  • High schoolers: pay one last visit before choosing your school from those which have accepted you.
  • Grad students: Ditto.
And don't forget to celebrate! Some March holidays:
And it's not too early to think spring.
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