Tax Preparation Jobs - Find Employment in a Taxing Economy

By Lauren Fairbanks

jobs in taxTax season doesn't just bring about miserable patrons worried about income tax bills. It can also bring tax jobs to help you cover yourself in case you didn't deduct enough taxes during the year.

Seasonal jobs in tax preparation abound at the IRS and tax-preparation businesses like H&R Block. With positions ranging from basic entry-level jobs to highly trained tax professionals, this is an excellent way to fill in the gaps between unemployment or make a few extra bucks to supplement your current income.

1. IRS Clerks

This is your basic admin job. It requires the general administrative tasks like keeping files, sorting mail, and filing tax returns and other miscellaneous documents. It offers entry-level pay.

2. Contact Representatives

Another entry-level pay position at the IRS, the contract representative is in charge of dealing with taxpayer assistance. If you've got the patience of a saint and can deal with taxpayer complaints and issues all day, this may be a good fit. Some positions are for telephone assistance and others are for face-to-face interaction. Choose your battle wisely.

3. Data Transcribers

If you're not much into dealing with people, this position may appeal to you, as it's basically a general data entry job. You'll be responsible for entering taxpayer returns into the IRS computer system. No more. No less. The pay reflects that, and is entry level.

4. Tax Examiners

A little more in-depth than the data transcriber work, tax examiners are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information that is entered on the individual tax returns. If the forms aren't complete, examiners are the ones who contact the taxpayers for missing information. The pay is entry level.

5. Client Service Rep

The client service operations representatives at H&R Block are in charge of dealing with clients -- both in person and on the phone -- and providing support to tax professionals in the tax offices. This position is quite similar to the position at the IRS, but we imagine there clientele is somewhat more pleasant.

6. Administrative Services

H&R Block, and other tax preparation companies, are doing mass hirings to handle the influx of late taxpayers scrambling on April 15th. The administrative service professionals are mainly focused on the organization and enrollment of H&R Block's tax-school program.

7. Tax Training Professional

Positions in the tax training department take a little more skill and expertise, as you will be training the tax professionals working at each location. This is, obviously, not an entry-level job, and requires graduation from an income tax course class and/or completion of a Tax Knowledge Assessment test.

8. Marketing Rep

If business and creative thinking, rather than stellar math skills, are more your forte, you may be a better fit for a marketing representative role. Marketing reps at H&R Block help boost the business and individual tax professionals by booking and coordinating presentations for local businesses and organizations.

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