Sweet S.F. Rental: Remodeled Downtown 2BR, $2,250

This sweet rental is in a pretty cool locale.

Yes, this refurbished 2-bedroom flat is located within walking distance from USF hospital, Kezar Stadium, and the legendary hippie-haven of Haight-Ashbury. Still, if you get tired of those places, your sweet rental lies on the cusp of Golden Gate Park, which is great for biking or taking part in the Sunday drum circle.

Spend a day in Golden Gate playing Frisbee golf safe in the knowledge that you have 1,000 bright square feet to come home to. (But I'd recommend taking down that "For Rent" sign that's in the photo once you move in.)

This charming sweet rental is also near one my favorite shops Le Video. Hands down it's the best video store in the Bay Area. And most likely you'll be renting a lot of DVD's since I can't imagine you'll want to leave this sweet rental.

Everything is refurbished: from the new kitchen all the way to the refined hardwood floors that extend into the large living room. There's even laundry facilities on site. Get ready to save some cash because heat, water, and Scavenger Services are all include in the rental.

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