Sweet L.A. Rental: Los Feliz 6BR House, $7,000

This Sweet Rental's stats and picture pulled me in. The fact that there is a separate studio, gorgeous grounds and tons of space inside are what makes this a sweet rental either for you, or for you and 5 of your friends.

Located near Vermont Avenue, not only is the property great, but the location is as well.

This 6-bedroom 4.5-bathroom house at 2401 Nottingham Ave. has over 5,000 square feet to live in - and a separate studio as well. Space isn't the issue, inside or out as the house sits on 1/3 acre. You will have both a gorgeous home and luxury as the home is in a gated area of Los Feliz, north of Franklin. So you have Vermont Avenue restaurants and shops and Hillhurst spots nearby. That is, if you ever want to leave your huge home.

In addition to the bedrooms and bathrooms, the house has a den and family room, and details like French doors, high ceilings and fine wood detailing. The 1930s Spanish-style home has multi-car parking and separate studio (for the musician, artist, or home-office person in you) you truly have everything you could want in a home property.

I'd say seven grand for the amenities, location and beauty isn't bad, but then again, I never have a problem spending other people's money.

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