Reviews of Pet Society Coral Reef Wallpaper & Floor

Pet Society Coral Reef Wallpaper
Looks like Playfish listened to some readers' requests to turn an entire room into an aquarium.
Pet Society Coral Reef Wall
Sushi's friend Luxe snapped up both the Coral Reef Floor (10 Playfish Cash) and Coral Reef Wallpaper (20 PC), which are available at the Cash Shop. We're really impressed by the Coral Reef Wallpaper. The aquariums in the Garden Shop are often too confining, and this paper gives fish the expansive environment they need. Luxe hoped that the coral reef was functional and not just decorative.

Another player, Jacel, noticed that there might be a limit to how many fish the paper can hold before some of them stop moving. He tried putting in about a hundred fish, but saw that some of them were frozen in place. When he took out some of the fish, he saw more general movement in the wallpaper.

Verdict: The Coral Reef Wallpaper gets 4 paws.
Pet Society Coral Reef Floor
Luxe was less impressed by the Coral Reef Floor (10 PC), which is advertised as a "bubbling underwater floor." The bubbles are just too subtle. When Sushi ran across the floor, only two bubbles rose to the air. We hope that Playfish makes this floor more exciting and worthy of its pricetag.

This article originally appeared on Pet Society Anonymous.
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