Rare Nintendo cartridge sells for $40,000

NintendoAn 8 bit video game is a far cry from the HD resolution games on the market today, but for one lucky couple in Kansas found that one game in their 8-bit gaming stash is worth enough to purchase the entire catalog of Xbox 360 games.

The lucky seller, Dave (whose last name wasn't used), tells Yahoo that he found "Stadium Events" sitting with a collection of games in his basement and recently sold it on eBay for $41,300, three times that of the last copy sold which made headlines last month.

What made Dave's copy of the already rare "Stadium Events" even rarer? It had never been opened from the shrink wrap which takes it from one of 20 known copies of the game to one of two known shrink wrapped copies of Stadium Events. The game, which originally cost $29.99, was pulled from shelves in 1988 after Nintendo purchased the floormat controller technology and almost every copy was destroyed.

Before you plan your retirement on old video games, or antiques for that matter, be sure you're actually purchasing something that will still be rare tomorrow. WalletPop writer Zac Bissonnette points out that, "An interesting phenomenon with this stuff is that the publicity for the uber-rare game brings other copies out of the woodwork -- and maybe we find out it wasn't AS rare as we'd thought."

Bissonnette recently looked at what collectibles will be likely to go up in value, and mistakes like this game are cited as one example of items that may go up; but as you can see publicity turned up another copy which can affect the value of all 20 rare copies.

Like comics and other collectibles, many old video game cartridges are currently collecting dust in basements and attics across the country. Rare games show up on eBay from time to time, but for the casual hunter garage sales are a great place to go looking for gold.

Before you buy or sell make sure you know what you're getting by checking your game against this list of rare video games and searching completed eBay auctions to see what buyers have recently paid.

Thankfully Dave isn't going to blow the newfound cash on the entire Xbox 360 catalog. He told Yahoo that, "After taxes and tithing, the rest of our part will be going to a retirement account that has been decimated by the dot-com bomb, 9/11, and the recent market problems. Not very sexy, but needed."
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