PetVille FarmVille collectible of the day: FarmVille Mini-Tractor

petville farmville mini-tractor

The sixth PetVille FarmVille collectible is now available for gifting. Today's item is the Red FarmVille mini-tractor, which you can send to friends (and beg them to send them back). Other items in this limited edition collection include a FarmVille Mini-Apple Tree, FarmVille Farmer Dude, FarmVille Farmer Gal, FarmVille Mini-Horsey and a FarmVille Red Barn.

My FarmVille collection seems to be shaping up nicely, check out the pic below. As you can see, I have the mini-FarmVille set up front and center in my pet's living room. I'm still waiting for someone to send me a mini-tractor (hint! hint!), so my collection will be complete.

petville farmville collection with riot rbbt
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