PetVille Fame-O-Meter: Everything you need to know

petville how famous are you?
petville how famous are you?

Once again, PetVille has us begging our friends for gifts (not that that's a bad thing, right?). This go-round, the gifts go toward the newly launched Fame-O-Meter, which is PetVille's tip of the hat to the Hollywood awards season. To climb the fame ladder -- from a 'real nobody' to a smoking hot 'super star, -- you'll need to ask friends to send you one of several new gifts. If your meter hits the red, you'll win a mystery prize.

You can also earn smaller gifts by collecting tickets, laser swords and nominations. Get a sweet set of movie posters for your pet's room by collecting five tickets, a golden Best Pet Award statue by collecting 12 nominations and a laser sword for your pet (plus a mystery gift) by collecting 18 laser swords.

To track your pets' rise to fame, click the star hovering above its head. That will pop a window with the meter, and will prompt you to ask your friends for gifts by posting a message to your Facebook wall.

This Fame-O-Meter business lasts until March 8, 2009, so you'd better show a little Hollywood-style hustle if you want to rise to the top.