Mafia Wars Offers Big Reward for Your Email

If you haven't signed up to receive e-mail updates from Mafia Wars via email, you will get rewarded to do so right now: if you join the mailing list of Mafia Wars, you'll receive a cool Limited Edition Item. Will you do it?

Mafia Wars Email Exclusive Item
Mafia Wars Email Exclusive Item

As you can see above, the armor you'd receive has some really impressive stats: 23 Attack and 47 Defense! It's a really cool item it's worth to give your e-mail for.

Add to that the fact that you'll receive updates on Mafia Wars via the provided email, as well as notifications - since Facebook doesn't allow them anymore, I can say it's a pretty fair deal.

What do you think? Will you sign up for the e-mail updates from Mafia Wars? If so, will you do it because you love the game and you want to stay updated at all times or because of the Limited Edition item?

This article originally appeared on Social Games Help.