Lovers, or Just Roomies? HUD to Study Anti-Gay Housing Discrimination

The Castro, San Francisco
The Castro, San Francisco

While the U.S. military tries to figure out what to do about "Don't ask, don't tell," the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department is trying to figure out how to conduct a study on anti-gay discrimination in the housing market.

Last week, the agency began reaching out to to folks in New York, Chicago and San Francisco looking for ideas... sort of a study of how to do the study.

Unlike with racial discrimination, which is pretty, er, black and white, it's apparently not that easy to design a study about anti-gay discrimination. Are two men or two women looking to rent an apartment life-partners, or just roommates looking to save a buck? That's crucial because the whole point of such a study is to see if an actual anti-gay bias exists in everything from rental units to home purchases.