Lost & Lonely Hearts Popping Out On YoVille. How Many Have You Shared?


YoVille players have noticed that since a short time before Valentine's Day, some heart shape collectible statues have been noticed around YoVille. Let's recap the ones we have seen so far. The first was the Heart of Gold, then there was the Flaming Heart, or as I like to call it " My Heart's on Fire", the third to make it's way into YoVille was the Heart of Glass, and then finally the Heart of Stone. All of these are great additions to any of you YoVille collectors or as a added piece to your Valentine's Day theme home. Either way, I hope that these collector pieces have made their way into your heart and YoVille pad, as they have ours.

Let's keep our eyes peeled though, because the question now, is this all of the hearts? Or are there more just a heart beat away?

(Pictures were gathered by Angie.)

This article originally appeared on YoVille Lounge.