How to find the best deals on car insurance for your teen driver


Since the dawn of time children have been driving their parents crazy, and once kids reach the teen years, they are driving their parents' cars as well. So naturally parents want to know, "What's going to save our sanity once junior starts to drive?" We quip: A one-seater ... but OK, we have some tips, too.

The stats about teen drivers aren't encouraging. Sixteen-year-olds get into accidents six times more than drivers between the ages of 30 and 59, according to Edmunds. No wonder insurance premiums for this age group are so high.

Mike Poller a father in Florida warns, "I am now spending about $10K per year on auto insurance for me, my wife and two daughters."

Finding the best - and most affordable insurance coverage for your new driver is a lot like searching for a mortgage -- there are deals to be had out there, sure, but finding them takes a lot of diligent research.