Hire This Guy #1: Tory's Plan of Action for Mariann

By Tory Johnson

There's one major way in which Mariann Donato's job search mirrors that of so many other people: She's relied too heavily on the Internet. She estimates that over the last two years she's submitted more than 1,000 résumés online, spending upwards of six hours on most days scouring the major job boards for openings. The result: 11 interviews, three of which were informational meetings. No job offers.

She began to realize that months would go by with absolutely no progress. "I started referring to the entire process as the proverbial 'black hole' job search," says Marian.

Here's the advice I'm offering to help her re-engergize her job search and take it in a new, more productive direction:

1. Less Internet, More Face to Face

I want Mariann to step away from her computer and spend more time pursuing face-to-face activities. She's a sales and marketing guru who knows how to connect instantly with anyone she meets. Our goal is to get her in front of as many people as possible. We'll do this by finding her a meaningful volunteer opportunity, arranging informational meetings and adding targeted networking events to her schedule.

2. Expand Her Horizons

I'm also encouraging Mariann to think beyond her comfort zone of publishing. That industry is going through enormous change and retraction, so I want her to think about other fields where she can apply her sales and marketing muscle. She's told me she has a strong passion for the culinary arts, so that may be an avenue to explore.

hire this guy3. Update Her Look

Mariann needs to freshen up her look; luckily she's ready to do so. She has had the same cut and color for nearly 30 years and is ready for a change. I'm taking her to hairdresser Vincent Roppatte at New York's Saks Fifth Avenue because he always says, "When the going gets tough, go get glorious." Since she's not feeling so hot, a new 'do may lift Mariann's spirits as she embarks on this new phase of her search.

The best thing about Mariann is that she's open and eager to shake up her job search. In fact, she calls herself a "sponge" and can't wait to get going!

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