Hire This Guy #1: Mariann Donato's Initial Reaction

I think getting a makeover is a great idea and long overdue. A more updated appearance will certainly help to boost my morale and give me the confidence I so sorely need. It will make me feel as though I truly can compete with the scores of other candidates vying for the same jobs.

Tory's right about getting out of my comfort zone; I've been using publishing job opportunities (or the lack thereof) as a crutch. The truth is that I should be concentrating my efforts on those industries that have a far more positive outlook. It is extremely difficult, however, to change gears when I've been entrenched in one industry for so long. Perhaps her idea of combining my passion for sales with my love of the culinary arts is one way of zeroing in on a second act I can feel comfortable about.

Now that I look back, and knowing what I know now, the use of job boards should just be part of the mix of the job hunt. Time is so much better spent in networking, whether it's in-person, cold-calling or social networking. Interacting with actual live real people also helps to make me feel less isolated, more challenged and empowered.

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