Hire This Guy #1: Mariann Donato


Note from the Editor: Welcome to our first installment of "Hire This Guy." This new franchise was inspired by the many of you who are tired, stressed and frustrated over trying to find a job. We realize that providing tips and advice can only help you so much, so we decided to take our job-search help to a whole new level. We will be selecting an unemployed reader each month to get one-on-one coaching from job search expert Tory Johnson. Tory will not only develop a personalized plan of action for each candidate, but also walk them through the process -- providing additional advice, feedback and encouragement.

The rest of us get to observe and, hopefully, learn. So let's get started with our first "guy" (yes, we know, it's actually a woman): Mariann Donato.

Meet Our First "Guy": Mariann Donato

By Tory Johnson

Mariann Donato lost her job after a 30-year career in publishing. She has a strong work history and senior VP title, but believes her lack of a college degree and her age are preventing her from getting hired. Her story is similar to the ones I hear from so many of the men and women I meet across the nation.

Meet Mariann, then join us daily as I help her to get back to work.