Hero World sees major update, more changes coming


Rockyou's Hero World (reviewed here) saw a major update to the game interface and underlying rules last Friday. The most immediately noticeable change is a reorganization of the Missions page, which groups missions by location, making it easierto find the missions you need to reach that next hideout level. Vehicles, which used to cost a dear amount of in-game cash, are now available as rewards for beating certain enemies, and you can now purchase a single piece of armor multiple times, in order to better equip your team of Superfriends.

Hero World administrators also promised more changes coming in the near future, including bug fixes, tweaks to the way epic battles work, and even special "world events" that will "get everybody in the app working together to earn big rewards." Future updates will include rewrites to the mission descriptions and in-game storyline, hopefully meaning an end to less-than-super heroics like "Rescue a cat from a tree.