Wonderous world attractions land on Happy Island

New Attractions on Happy Island
New Attractions on Happy Island

If you love to do virtual decorations, but hate clicking and grinding for coins, or being enslaved to a game's internal clockwork, then Happy Island would be perfect for you.

Created by Crowdstar, who also brought us Happy Pets and Happy Aquarium, Happy Island is an island resort simulation with leisurely paced gameplay and a stress-free atmosphere. Your goal in the game is to maximize tourist visits to your island by using "Attractions" and "Decorations" from the in-game store.

Today, Happy Island has released the Great Pyramid, Space Elevator, Mercury Rocket (which automatically fires up inside the store), Temple of Petra, Little Venice, and the Haunted House. But the best part about these Attractions, aside from the animations and cool designs, is that they can evolve over time through upgrades.

So what you see isn't what you're stuck with -- upgrades will make these items look even bigger and better! Want to get an idea as to how? Check out what is currently the best visual guide to all the Happy Island building upgrades.