Happy Aquarium nudges over aliens for new wonderland demo tank

Happy Aquarium Fairy Wonderland Demo Tank
Every week brings something new at Happy Aquarium, but it seems that last week, the game decided to return their UFO demo tank to the mothership early to showcase their new Baby Playtypus and a few of their fairyland items, such as the "Resting Fairy Statue" and "Rapunzel's Tower".
Happy Aquarium Western and Space Items at in-game store
To assuage the jilted Space fans though, they've added a "Toy Astronaut" and animated "Pulsing Radar" to the store, but there's also three new Wild West or Desert items this week that aren't getting showcased: "Hay Wagon", "Cactus", and the "Broken Wheel". With any luck, these will be part of next week's demo tank setup. We just hope Happy Aquarium strives harder with their demo tanks, cause they've got a unique thing going here that other Facebook aquariums titles have yet to implement.

Lastly, here's a tip about the demo tanks in general -- a tank usually has an item called the "7 Day Cleaner", on the top left corner. This serves as a countdown for how long a demo tank will stay up (and the UFO tank was missing it last week). Right now, there's just "2 Days" left before the current tank disappears from the game, so head on over quick to watch these items in action, and don't forget to collect your free coins from the treasure chest!
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