Exclusive! Fishdom on Facebook launches March 5


Fishdom, the award-winning match-3/aquarium simulation game for PC, arrives on Facebook March 5 (and later on MySpace, etc.). Unlike its downloadable counterparts, the new 'social' version of the game does not include the match-three elements and focuses more on creating and maintaining an aquarium, something along the lines of Happy Aquarium or FishVille.

Details on the actual social features in the game are scarce at the moment, but we're willing to bet that the game includes some form of gifting and ways to assist neighbors in exchange for coins or loot.

A few questions remain -- Will this game be different enough to draw fans away from the other aquarium sims on Facebook? And, will Fishdom loyalists revolt when they learn that there's no match-three in this version? We have a couple days left until all is revealed.