Free online game promotes piggybank prowess


Kids have built-in radar when it comes to detecting something that's supposed to be good for them, and educational games are definitely on the no-fly list. So, when I heard about The Great Piggybank Adventure, a free online game for kids ages 8-14, I have to admit I was skeptical. How is a financial planning game going to compete with Pokemon and Club Penguin? Would kids really choose to spend free time practicing the fine art of money management?

I didn't think so, until I took a look at the site. Colorful, three-dimensional graphics are the backdrop for a virtual board game that was developed as a partnership between T. Rowe Price and Disney. Stuart Ritter, certified financial planner for T. .Rowe Price, and a co-creator of the game told WalletPop, while his firm supplied the educational component, Disney "brought the magic and experience of making things fun for kids." Ritter acknowledged that kids can "smell homework" a mile away, and says the team worked hard to create an experience that would provide learning as a by-product of something that is first and foremost -- fun.