10 surprisingly unhealthy kids' foods, and their healthier alternatives


Few parents set out to feed their kids the unhealthy foods that may contribute to childhood obesity. But experts say many of the deceptively healthy foods parents toss in their carts should be left on the grocery store shelves.

So WalletPop sat down with registered dietician Susan Burke March, MS, RD, LD/N, CDE, author of Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally to find out what so-called "healthy" foods parents should be wary of buying for their children.

Kid's yogurt
March says this is the equivalent of sprinkling lots of sugar and candy on top of a cup of steamed broccoli. "All the sugar that's in many brands turns something that's full of calcium, protein, vitamin D, and magnesium into dessert." The biggest offenders: yogurt "fun foods."

"Read the labels of yogurt in plastic tubes that are meant to be frozen and thrown into kids' lunchboxes. After the first ingredient, which as hoped for, is milk, come high fructose corn syrup and sugar, artificial flavorings and colors," says March.

A better option
: March suggests staying wholesome by staying simple. "Freeze any wholesome real yogurt and put in your kid's knapsack. You'll ditch all the additives and send him to school with a truly healthy treat."