Sweet L.A. Rental: Bright Carthay Circle(ish) 2-Bdrm, $1,700

O.K., so in Los Angeles a lot of apartments are bright, after all, it is sunny most days. However this apartment has huge windows, almost floor to ceiling in many rooms, creating a bright apartment that lets you enjoy the trees and sky from the second floor perch of this pad. You could call it Miracle Mile or Carthay Circle adjacent, but one thing is for sure - it's a great apartment in a nice area.

This 2-bedroom, 1.5 bath apartment comes with two parking spots and the building has laundry on premises. What makes this such a sweet rental is the nice apartment and it's location. Located on Ogden St. east of Fairfax, you can walk to Starbucks and restaurants (there are some amazing Ethiopian and Italian places nearby), and it's close to the Grove, Beverly Hills and the 10 freeway.

The unit is newly remodeled throughout with new hardwood floors, crown molding, tile, appliances, tub, sink, toilets, hardware, fans, air conditioners and more. Not only do you get a new apartment, but you get an apartment that is actually new! It's also in a neighborhood that actually feels like a neighborhood too, so you can walk to restaurants or simply take an evening stroll and explore your area.

The street is tree-lined with other nice units and with this buildings location and the unit on the second floor, you get to enjoy the treetops, views of L.A. and brilliant sun (on most days.) How sweet is that?

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