PetVille Pet Wing Mystery Crates: Hot or not?

pet wings mystery crates
pet wings mystery crates

What's one thing every virtual pet needs? Animated wings, of course. Now that's a possibility in PetVille, which has added a limited edition series pet wing mystery crates to the premium in-game store.

Each mystery crate costs 25 PetVille cash, and the first purchase comes with a special closet where you can hang your wings. There are six sets of wings in all and they're animated, so even if your pet can't fly, they'll have a new accessory flapping gently behind them.

So far, we know that the collection includes a pair of white angel wings and grey bat-like wings (see pic to the right), if you know what the other wings are like, please leave us a comment below.

Animated wings have proven popular in other virtual pet games, namely Pet Society, but it seems like players would just rather spend the 25 PV cash to just buy wings, without having to deal with the whole 'mystery' of which random pair will be inside these boxes. We can already anticipate the uproar if owners spends the money to buy more than one of these boxes and get multiple sets of the same wings.