PetVille FarmVille limited edition collectible #4: FarmVille Mini-Horsey

petville farmville collectible -- the mini-horsey
Hey, you got your PetVille in my FarmVille! No, you got your FarmVille in my Petville! Whichever way you want to phrase it, the PetVille FarmVille collectibles keep coming, as part of a 10-day limited edition series. The big item for Day #4 is -- drum roll please -- the FarmVille Mini-Horsey! This item will be around today only, and the only way to acquire one of these li'l ponies is to get one as a gift from your PV friends. (Hint: if you send your friends one, they'll be more likely to send you one back).

Farmville in Petville limited edition collectibles

Items for the previous three days have included the FarmVille Farmer Dude, the FarmVille Farmer Gal and the FarmVille Barn. Based on the picture above, it looks like upcoming gifts will include a silo, a white fence and the rest -- well, your guess is as good as ours.

How many PetVille FarmVille items have you collected so far?
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