Cafe World gift boxes: Big changes coming soon

cafe world gift boxes have some big changes comings its way
cafe world gift boxes have some big changes comings its way

Look like Cafe World gifting will soon undergo an overhaul that will make it easier to put your gifts to work -- mostly filling the bellies of your virtual customers.

Big changes, which will significantly reduce time spent clicking on numerous gifts, include the following: duplicate gifts will be combined, all food will be served together, and you'll be able to sell items you don't want for coins. Sounds good to us!

Cafe World Community Manager Pinky Chefcadero explains these changes in more detail:

"Our proposed new gift box would "stack" multiple servings for easier storage, loading and serving. For example: Let's say you had an empty gift box. If you accepted only 10 gift pancakes (all the same dish), with 200 servings each, from your friends, the number on the outside of the gift box icon would now say "1"; but total number of servings in that batch of pancakes, inside the gift box, would be 2000. (10 accepted gifts x 200 servings in each pancake gift). So, your servings would be combined. You may also be able to sell your gifts for coins."

What do you think of these major changes? Yay or nay?