What Keeps New York Livable? Lots of Things, Including Cars

Bike clowns
Bike clowns

It may be hard to believe, but a well-organized group of folks think New York City is too friendly to cars. And these folks have brought positive changes in New York over the past couple of years. So it shouldn't be surprising that some of them don't know when to quit.

A new screed against the city government on the influential site StreetsBlog reveals the difference between fighting to green a city and complaining if some things about a city don't fit your shade of green. Noah Kazis cries foul that the New York City government's recent rezoning of several economically sluggish neighborhoods makes ample provision for parking. It would be wiser, he says, to reject "parking minimums that erode the pedestrian environment."

Yep, with double-digit unemployment and service cuts on the subway system, with foreclosures in working-class neighborhoods and broken promises to build new affordable housing, what we need is ... parking reform?

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