Sweet NY Rental: Starchitect Quarters, $49K

CorcoranIt's always nice to live in a building with its own Web site. What's funny about this one, though, is that its eclectic shell -- it was designed by starchitect Jean Nouvel -- is highly visible from the West Side Highway. Because, well, it's essentially on the West Side Highway, despite the official street address of 100 11th Avenue.

Still, it might be worth the traffic below. Once the armpit of lower Manhattan, this nook of Chelsea now gets to nuzzle up to the beloved High Line, the refurbished waterfront park and the glam of the Meat Packing District.

But that's what's around the building. Let's talk about what's within it. Amenities abound, including a 70-foot indoor/outdoor lap pool, ATMs artfully concealed for your emergency banking needs, and a private garden. This penthouse has two balconies, terrazzo islands, touch-sensitive fixtures conceived of by Mr. Nouvel himself. In addition, there are a whopping 1,700 different windowpanes affixed to the building, though we don't know how many make up this unit itself. Let's hope it comes with a free squeegee, because with a rent of $49,000, you won't be able to afford window cleaning service.

What's odd is that there are no photos of the unit itself, only several of the 1,700 window panes. Perhaps you need to pre-qualify to gaze upon this exclusive unit?

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