Superfoods go giftable in FishVille

fishville caffeine food and super grow food super food giftablesZynga decided to offer a huge surprise to their FishVille fans by introducing the Superfoods as giftables: now you can send an receive Caffeine Food and Supergrow Food from your neighbors, basically saving you for spending quite a few money to keep your fish happy.

If you're too lazy to check out the link I've given you, here's a reminder of what superfoods do:

The FishVille Caffeine helps your fish last longer without food, doubling the time remaining until a new feeding is needed. The FishVille Growth superfood helps your fish grow a little faster (a bit too slow for my taste, with just 10% growth for one pill).

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Did you get your FishVille superfood from your friends?
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