Quote of the Moment: The FarmVille subsidy stimulus

"Thinking about FarmVille, I suddenly saw the light at the end of the recessionary tunnel: Forget about additional government bailouts, jobs bills, etc. There is one money-pit government stimulus plan that has always had bipartisan support: agricultural subsidies.

The U.S. government, in a convoluted, logic-defying system that absolutely nobody understands anymore, pays roughly $16 billion per year to farmers to grow certain stuff and to not grow other stuff -- to farm and to not farm. (Has something to do with managing the supply of agricultural commodities and whatnot. And sucking up to the Big Farm lobby.)

We have to assume, with FarmVille's astonishing numbers, that virtual farming is huge in every state, so virtual farmers in both liberal and conservative districts across the land would benefit from a virtual agricultural subsidy program. (Stick that in your Causes!) Every senator and congressman should be able to get behind this.

Now imagine if we devoted a portion of FarmVille subsidies to paying FarmVille farmers to not farm. Yes, virtual productivity rates would drop, but real-world -- what's left of the real world, that is -- productivity would rise. At least I think? I hope?"

-Adveritising Age's Simon Dumenco offers a modest proposal for digging out of the recession
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