Nip/Tuck for Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons


Now, I've heard everything! The city of Beverly Hills actually wants to cut back office space for high-priced doctors, most notably cosmetic surgeons, because medical office buildings apparently do not generate the same amount of revenue for the city's coffers.

But fewer plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills?

Cosmetic surgeon Richard Ellenbogen tells the Los Angeles Business Journal that "they all want the cachet," referring to docs who want to set up shop in Beverly Hills. "A lower class of doctor is coming in to take advantage of the publicity that the Beverly Hills name can generate."

Another plastic surgeon and ear nose and throat specialist, David Alessi, asks the Journal, "How many fertility clinics and plastic surgeons does a community the size of Beverly Hills really need?"

Well, I guess that depends to some degree on the vanity of the residents who happen to flock there for the easy access to a nip-tucks and and Botox injections.