New winter sports items added to YoVille


Going with the theme of the Winter Games, the developers have released more winter sports items into the furniture store. Build your own hockey rink with rink wall sections and end/corner pieces and make it like a stadium complete with the new grandstands for the onlookers. For your hockey rink floor, new ice floor tiles in small and large have been added to give it that icy *shimmer.


No hockey rink is complete without a resurfacer/Zamboni to clean the ice after usage and Yoville has them in 3 colors green, red, and blue!! The grandstands also come in 3 colors which are bronze, blue, and ' guessing white since its not labeled as such. Prices on Ice floor tiles are Large 875 coins Small 325 coins. Prices for grand stands are 1100 coins. Wall sections are 1350 coins, end sections are 1450 coins, and corner sections are 1550 coins.

This article was originally posted by Jamie on YoVille Lounge.