L.A. Insider: Entrepreneur Sherry Joniff-Solomon

Sherry Joniff-Solomon tells us why the boutique hotels, great take-out and secret parks have her loving her Sunset Plaza Adjacent, L.A. neighborhood.

Name, Age, Occupation: Sherry Joniff-Solomon, 44, Entrepreneur 22 Bond Street (home furnishings)

Neighborhood: Sunset Plaza Adjacent (West Hollywood), Los Angeles

Abode: Two bedroom Penthouse. The place is an architectural gem and the views are amazing.

How long have you lived there? Two years and I can't believe it, time flies!
What do you love most about your neighborhood?

The view and the accessibility. The view is great because it's a location that crowns Los Angeles, plus it's got a touch of historic culture, film and rock and roll. As for convenience, everything is accessible! If I want to go to the Valley I hop over on Laurel or Coldwater, if I want to go to my showroom or south I take La Brea. This neighborhood is the middle of the wheel for me.

Another thing I love are the hotels. Even though it's off Sunset, its the historic Harper area and it reminds me of living in Paris. Especially the Sunday brunch. We go and have champagne brunch and do hotel hopping, we go to the Chateau [Marmont] or Sunset Tower. It's so great because you can walk to these places and you don't have to deal with the parking. I never came here much before living here because parking is cumbersome. So to have walking accessibility and parking passes makes it formidible.

Do you talk to your neighbors?

Yes! Some are from old-school L.A., Hollywood and fashion. There are interesting people hidden in here, the brick and mortar of L.A. entertainment culture and it's just amazing. You can meet a 50 to 80 year old Hollywood somebody with great stories. There is a verbal history of the neighborhood here that is passed down which is not a typical L.A. thing, more of a New York experience, but that I love.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday Night in your area?
A quick drink at the Sunset Tower or some other local spot and come back here and order in. It's great for us here because there are great delivery places again like NYC, Greenblatts, Bossa Nova, Talesai and we love our home.

Best kept secret in Sunset Plaza Adjacent?
I hate to say it (because I don't want too many to come) but the Sunset Tower's brunch. Regardless of weather from rain to sun it's like being in Europe. There is no bull, no pomp and circumstance, no superficial crap; whoever is there it's for real. No one is looking and gawking at each other. The food and service are fantastic and it feels like private VIP.

And the thing is when we walk there we don't take Sunset and so we get to walk through Hart's Park, another gem. A man used to own the house and when he died he deeded it in his will for people to walk through and use it as a dog park. It's a house that directors and writers can rent out for readings and the back yard is an eco-friendly walk park, neighbors walk there and hang out. It's a great neighborhood spot.

Any plans to buy or move?
We had been looking for neighborhoods and homes and we thought about Beverly Hills and Bel Air and it comes down to West Hollywood has it going on! The views are amazing and the City is very well run. If L.A. and California were as well run as West Hollywood it would be kickin'!

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