Kitchen of the Future: Food that Talks

Foodprint project by Sarah Rich and Nicola Twilley
Foodprint project by Sarah Rich and Nicola Twilley

What does food tell you? The Foodprint series will wrap its mouth around just that very topic.

The first event, Foodprint NYC, will be held this Saturday at Columbia School of Architecture's Studio-X, and will focus on how social and economic changes, history, technology and policy have influenced the New York food culture. Panelists will also hypothesize the future of New York City's edible landscape.

Sarah Rich and Nicola Twilley, the masterminds behind the series, hope to show connections and the overlap between space, design and food in the city, urging individuals to look at what's on their plates differently.

"We both think that when you look at cities through the lens of food and at food through the lens of cities, you see things you wouldn't see otherwise," says Twilley, referring to urbanism, social behavior, architecture, design and their interplay with food.

New York City was chosen for the series' debut because it is rich in food culture and has "amazing history and space," says Twilley. The duo hopes to conquer Los Angeles next, but they do not want to limit the series to major and coastal cities. Twilley eventually hopes to take the conversation outside the U.S. border to Mexico City and perhaps, her hometown of London.