gWallet "Brand Bar" aims to make social game offers easier


Getting in-game cash via advertising offers in many social games is a confusing process. Usually, a player has to actively go looking for the offers by finding and scrolling way down an "earn cash" page, then clicking through a maze of menus in an external site's pop-up window and waiting for the offer to credit to your account. No wonder only two to four percent of players typically go to the trouble.

A company called gWallet is hoping to increase that percentage, and the revenue stream for social gaming companies, with a new product called the Brand Bar. Basically, the bar replaces the sprawling, bloated, hard-to-find offers of most games with a small row of logos that fits in the space of a single banner ad. Hovering over a logo brings up a short description of the offer, and a single click brings up the relevant advertiser site in a small window (check out a demo of how it works over at gWallet's site). Better navigation for users, better revenue for publishers... seems like a no-brainer to us.

The bar is already running on dozens games from the likes of Clipwire Games, Zen Gaming Inc., Poolhouse, FooMojo, Bubblefish, Mobscience, and Chat Republic Games. A Forbes report on the announcement says gWallet is hinting some other bigger social game publishers, possibly including Zynga, will sign on with the service within the month.

[Via Forbes]