Farmville Picture of the Day: Cakeville


FarmVille is more than just an ultra-popular farming simulation -- it's a chance to express yourself artistically through unique and creative farm layouts. To that end,'s FarmVille Picture of the Day features some of the most interesting and imaginative FarmVille layouts out there. Got a FarmVille pic you want to share? Send it to

Today's pic: Cakeville

Hey man, how's it going. Whew, been quite a week, huh? TGIF, am I right? Yep yep yep. Oh man, I am totally crashing... been clicking around the farm non-stop for like 80+ hours this week. I think my blood sugar may be low or something. What? Cake? In the break room? Since when? LUNCHTIME! Oh man, it's gonna be all gone by now. Well who brought it in. Oh man, she makes the best cakes. She decorated it? Did someone get a picture? Yeah, I might as well look at it, since I can't eat it. Wow, that looks really good. Man, I can't believe I missed that. Shoot!

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