Family Sues School for Webcam Spying, Uncovering Their Legal Woes

Web cam
Web cam

Ever wonder what kids are up to when they lock themselves in their room? Well, an upscale suburban Philadelphia school district knows the answer. One teenager and his parents have filed a class action lawsuit against the school for spying.

Blake Robbins, a 15-year-old sophomore at Harrington High School in the Lower Merion School District, says Assistant Vice Principal Lindy Matsko took advantage of an Internet security program installed on a school-issued laptop to monitor his activity at home. The administrator says she didn't monitor students or authorize others to do so, while the district acknowledges that it does have the capability and has since turned it off.

But guess what? The school has used it. And there's another twist to the story unraveling about the parents' other battles, including an unpaid $30,000 in electric and gas bills for their $986,000 home, and other debt closing in on half a million dollars.