Daily Blogwatch: 10 Lessons from a Day Trader; Why Buy Shares of Bankrupt Companies?

Below are some of the best reads for investors from around the Web:

Ten things I learned while day-trading for Victor Niederhoffer.

Home Depot (HD) sees housing rebounding all across the country.

According to Freakonomics, people can tell your political party from your face.

Are great investors night owls or morning larks.

Why do prices cluster around round numbers like S&P 1100, Dow 10,000, etc.?

Wow, now that's a share buyback! Bespoke finds the stock with the greatest reduction in shares outstanding.

I've long written about how the best day trades are with bankrupt companies. Dimension asks why do people buy shares of bankrupt companies?

The 14 funniest police composite sketches ever.
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