New Happy Island styles spice up resorts

the mesas happy islandtwin peaks happy island

Happy Island is allowing resort owners to change the style of their islands. Previously, players were largely stuck with the Mesas style (top left) which fulfilled its function but wasn't too flashy. Before if you wanted an alternate style, you were forced to buy an entire new island! Now you can simply swap styles on the go (if you have the coins). These luxurious and spiffy islands feature waterfalls and volcanoes allowing both long-time fans and newbies to design the island of their dreams.

volcano island happy islandtwin peaks happy islandshangri la happy islandtreasure cove happy island
Volcano Island
30,000 Coins
Twin Peaks
30,000 Coins
149 Facebook Credits
Treasure Cove
189 Facebook Credits

Perhaps you'll build Hanging Gardens one of the gorgeous summits of the Shangri-La style island or simply a Bazaar in the fearsome valley of Treasure Cove. In the end, how to design your island is up to you, and Happy Islands changeable resort styles only furthers that. Luckily only some of the new styles cost Facebook Credits allowing us non spenders to get in on the fun.

In addition, the new island styles address one of the biggest weaknesses of Happy Island: the lack of an epic volcano island. Loyal Happy Island fans were a bit jealous of Tiki Resort's awesome volcano island featuring bubbly magma and plumes of smoke (bottom left). Luckily, the games are once again created equal as Happy Island has its very own volcanic isle for players to build their tycoon on (bottom right).
tiki resort volcanohappy island volcano

So head over to Happy Island (or Tiki Resort) and check out the new changeable styles.
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