Cafe World poll hints at next big themes

cafe world poll

There's one thing that Facebook game makers seem to do well -- listen to their fans. Of coruse, not every wish will be granted, but there's a clear line between requests and what changes are actually made in a game. That's why we're willing to bet the farm that one (or a few) of the next themed items in Cafe World will come from this poll located on the official forums.

At the time of this post, it looks like the next big release will be fantasy/magical items, a theme that we've seen in several other Facebook games, e.g. Restaurant World and Pet Society, of late. St. Patrick's Day is the number two pick for a new theme and Palace/Royalty/Medieval is coming in a close third. The big losers are Indoor City/Roads and ... pirates? Who doesn't love pirates? We'd take an eye patch over some fairy outfit any day.

There's also a poll on what the next 'long lost recipe' should be. The most recent long lost recipe was 'Grandmas Apple Pie,' and only your friends could help you find the missing ingredients. Out of the choices listed, we like Uncle Mysterio's Invisible Cookies, though the masses seems to be going for Grandpa's Finger Lickin' BBQ Ribs.

If you want to cast your vote on the next big Cafe World theme, head to the poll on the official forums.
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