Cafe World: How to keep your buzz rating high

Cafe World buzz rating
Cafe World buzz rating

In Cafe World, you live or die by your buzz rating. It's that number in the upper right hand corner that determines your cafe's popularity, and therefore, how many people come in and spend money. The buzz rating tops out at 105, but then you have to maintain it by making sure customers never leave hungry.

These tips, courtesy of the official Cafe World Facebook fan page, can help turn your cozy cafe in to a five-star restaurant. One caveat, if you use the auto-serve exploit in the game, several of these may not apply.

1. Make sure there is a full Pathway from door(s) to *each* chair, and from your Counters to *each* table. Try to leave plenty of space for both Customers and Waiters to move around without having to go around objects in their path.

2. Nothing should be blocking or too close to the first step of the doorway.

3. Tables must have an empty spot around one of the 8 sides (4 sides, 4 corners) to be served and a chair facing it.