Buy Treasure Madness upgrades with regular coins

zSlide has finally brought in a really welcomed change to TreasureMadness, one that fans of the game were asking for since the game launched: the equipment upgrades and mini-game helpers can now be purchased for regular coins instead of the virtual currency (the MU dollars) used byTreasure Madness.

treasure madness equipment upgrades for regular coins
treasure madness equipment upgrades for regular coins

Therefore, as of now, for a pretty high price (but still one you can gain by being very active in Treasure Madness), you can upgrade the following things to level 2:

Shovel (100,000 GP), allowing you to dig for 9 HP instead of 10.
Machete (3,000 GP)

Also, all the minigame helpers (like Torch, Pincers, Gloves, etc) can be purchased for 10,000 GP each. Very cool!

So it's time to do some serious digging in Treasure Madness, right?

This article originally appeared on Social Games Help.