Back to basics: Quicken Essentials for Mac released

Quicken Essentials for Mac goes on sale
Quicken Essentials for Mac goes on sale

Mac owners still have deal with a lack of proper Mac compatible versions of many popular programs, although the situation is improving. For the past few years this shortfall has included personal finance software such as Intuit's Quicken, an issue that has finally been addressed with the release of Quicken Essentials for Mac.

This new version of Quicken for Apple owners is the first version of Quicken software which has been written from the ground up for OSX, partially thanks to Intuit's purchase of last year.

Notable improvements over the last version of Quicken for Mac (from 2007) include:

  • New Mac-like user interface

  • Connects to 12,000 banks and financial institutions

  • Better categorization using an algorithm similar to

  • Conversion software to help you bring your data from earlier Mac versions and Windows versions of Quicken or MS Moneyeds.