Twilight House Listing Remains Undead, Despite Olympics Fever

Attention "Twi-hards": your window of opportunity to live among the sexy vampires of the "Twilight" saga hasn't closed just yet. The Vancouver, B.C. house that stood in for the Cullen clan's moody Washington home is still on the market - and at a newly reduced price.

"Reduced," in this case, means a savings of more than the average American home cost in total in 2009. The asking price for the stunning, modern house has been lowered from $3.3 million to $3 million (rounded), for a savings of a cool $300,000.

The 5,000+ square-foot mansion is tucked alongside a bubbling creek in the picturesque woods of Vancouver's Glenmore Park neighborhood, and features (among other luxe amenities) a chef-grade kitchen - presumably untouched by the non-eating (non-cooking, anyway) undead former residents.

But don't think that you have all of eternity to make your move: with the frenzied box-office run of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, a recent resurgence of the Canadian housing market, and this month's influx of Olympic visitors to Vancouver, the property might not be sitting empty for much longer.
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